In-doc encryption

What is it?

Confidencial’s in-doc encryption allows you to encrypt all or parts of documents in their native format. For example, if you encrypt a Word document with Confidencial, the file remains a valid “DOCX” file.

What does it mean for me?

In-doc encryption means that you can view files protected with Confidencial in their native applications. This also means that anyone can view the unprotected portions of your Confidencial documents without any special viewers or add-ins. The Confidencial app or add-ins are only needed to view the protected portions.

What file formats are supported?

Confidencial currently supports in-doc encryption for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF files, and PNG and JPG images. Support for Microsoft PowerPoint, and other image formats is coming soon. Have another format you’d like us support? Let us know at

What about formats that aren’t supported?

Any file type that isn’t supported by Confidencial’s in-doc encryption can still be encrypted with the Confidencial desktop or web app. In these cases, the protected file is converted into a “C11” file that can be decrypted with the Confidencial desktop or web app.