Obtaining public-private key pairs for use with the Confidencial SDK

This page describes how to obtain public-private key pairs, which allow you to execute Confidencial decryption actions using the
Software Development Kit (SDK)
Software Development Kit (SDK)
. To decrypt a file using the SDK, at least one public-private key pair is required. The specific key pairs that are capable of decrypting a file depend on the policy used to encrypt the file. Encryption policy details, including which keys can be used to decrypt a file are contained within the metadata of a protected file.
  1. Open the Confidencial
    Desktop App
    or go to my.confidencial.io and log in if you haven’t done so already
  1. Click Key Management under the Advanced section of the left sidebar menu
    1. notion image
  1. Your keys are listed in the main panel. For each key pair that you wish to use with the SDK:
    1. Copy the public key hash and store it in a location that you can access from your code
      1. notion image
    2. Click View Private Key and copy the private key, as it is presented in PEM format, and store it in a location that you can access from your code
    3. ⚠️
      Private keys permit the decryption of files. They should be stored in a secure location!