Organization-level policies

Organization-level policies are settings within the Confidencial platform that apply across all members and usage within a Confidencial organization. These policies are configured by Confidencial at the time of organization creation. Subsequent changes to policies must be made by contacting

Allow cross-organization lookup

This policy determines whether Confidencial users outside your organization can search and encrypt for members within your organization. If this policy is disabled, only users inside your organization can encrypt for other users in your organization. This policy does not impact the ability of users in your organization to encrypt for users outside your organization.

Allow member listing

This policy determines if users inside your organization are able to see a listing of other members in the organization. If this policy is enabled, organization members are able to see other members of the organization by clicking in the recipient adder. If this policy is disabled, users must enter the complete email address of another user to be able to encrypt content for them.
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