Logging in to the desktop or web app

Start by opening the Confidencial desktop app or by going to my.confidencial.io
  1. Depending on your account type, click either Individual Log In or Organization Log In
    1. Individual accounts are for individuals and small teams that do not have a Confidencial organization
    2. Organization accounts are for users within companies that are set up with a Confidencial organization
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  1. If you are logging in with an organization account, enter your organization name and click Continue. If you are logging in with an individual account, proceed to Step 3.
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  1. Enter your email address and password and click Continue or log in with your existing Microsoft or Google account by clicking Continue with Microsoft or Continue with Google, respectively
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  1. If this is your first time logging, click Generate Keys. Confidencial creates your public and private encryption keys at this time. If you have logged in before, your private keys are assembled at this time.
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      The private encryption key created during this step is generated on your local machine. The key is then split into multiple parts, with each part stored in a different location. Your private key exists in assembled (un-split) form only on the machine on which you use Confidencial. Confidencial does not store your private key in assembled form on its servers.
This completes the login process. You are now ready to protect your content using Confidencial.