Decrypting a message

These instructions show you how to decrypt a message you’ve received from another Confidencial user with the Confidencial web app. You can also decrypt messages with the Confidencial desktop app using a similar process.
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  1. Copy the encrypted message you’ve received in to your clipboard
    1. 💡
      To copy to your clipboard
      Menu (macOS or Windows): Edit → Copy
      macOS: ⌘ + C
      Windows: CTRL + C
  1. Go to in your web browser and log in if necessary
  1. Paste the encrypted message from your clipboard to the input box on the Encryption Tools page and click Decrypt
    1. ⚠️
      Be sure to paste the entire encrypted message, including the parts that say “BEGIN CONFIDENCIAL ENCRYPTED MESSAGE” and “END CONFIDENCIAL ENCRYPTED MESSAGE”
      To paste from your clipboard
      Menu (macOS or Windows): Edit → Paste
      macOS: ⌘ + V
      Windows: CTRL + V
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      Your decrypted message will appear along with options to save the message to a file or copy the message to your clipboard
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