Selecting encryption recipients

These instructions cover how to choose who can see the content in your messages and files
Note that when you protect content you are automatically added as a recipient, so you will always be able to see content that you protect for others
  1. Choose who you want to see your content
    1. If you have used Confidencial before, you can browse through your recent recipient groups (aka your recent encryption policies) using the and buttons. These groups (policies) are automatically created every time you encrypt for a new set of people.
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    2. If you want to encrypt for a new set of people, click in the Add person to policy input box. There you will see the people for which you have most recently encrypted. You can also type in a user’s email address if you have not encrypted for them before.
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        Pro tip: If you want to encrypt for someone who’s never used Confidencial, simply enter their email address. You will be prompted to invite them to Confidencial.
    3. If you are logged in to an organization that has directory listing enabled, you will see a list of available encryption recipients in your organization. Click on a listing to add an encryption recipient. To chose someone outside your organization, enter their email address.
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    4. If you are logged into an organization with directory listing disabled, enter a recipient’s email address and click on the appropriate listing. If no match is found, you will be able to invite the user to Confidencial.
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  1. If you want to remove a user from your recipient list, click the X next to the user’s name
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  1. Once the desired recipients are selected, click Encrypt to protect the content