Encrypting files and folders

These instructions show you how to encrypt files and folders using the Confidencial web app. You can also encrypt with Confidencial’s desktop app.
Begin by going to my.confidencial.io and logging in if necessary
  1. From the Encryption Tools page, choose the files and/or folders you want to protect. There are two ways to do this.
    1. You can choose files and folders by clicking the choose files link in the input box
    2. You can drag and drop files and/or folders onto the input box
      1. notion image
  1. After you have selected the files and/or folders you want to protect, select the recipients that you want to be able to see the protected content
  1. Click Encrypt
    1. notion image
  1. Click Save File to choose a location to store your Confidencial-protected file
You have now created a Confidencial-protected file that contains the files and/or folders you selected.
If you selected a single file to protect, a single .c11 file will be generated that is a protected version of the file. If you selected multiple files and/or one or more folders to protect, a file bundle will be created in the form of a .zip file that contains multiple .c11 files. In both cases (single .c11 file or .zip file containing multiple .c11 files), you will be able to decrypt the file or bundle in either the desktop app or the web app.